What A Glorious Sight 10,000 Christians Praising God in Times Square

What A Glorious Sight 10,000 Christians Praising God in Times Square

I was browsing around on social media and saw this absolutely amazing and wonderful article from Headline Politics about Christians Praising God in Time Square that the major news networks never picked up, so I just had to share with everyone.

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The political world might be in a bit of turmoil right now but the rest of the Christian world isn’t.

In Manhattan, something beautiful and amazing happened 10,000 Christians Praising God but the mainstream media just didn't care to know or get involved.

Former “Growing Pains” star-turned-Evangelical Christian, Kirk Cameron, told Independent Journal Review he believes the cure to a morally decrepit society starts at home: “If the root is sick, the fruit is going to be rotten. We’re seeing a lot of rotten fruit in political, economic, social and religious sectors, and the way to fix that is to dig down and repair the root. The root is our faith and that’s how we will rebuild the nation, including electing healthy leaders.”

So when Christian singer Matt Redman held a concert in Times Square just three months before the presidential election comes to a close, the performance was just what America needed.

Redman performed his hit song “10,000 Reasons,” people were visibly moved.

This should have been on every news station! Something like this is pretty dang noticeable!

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